David Caruso Explains 'Miami' Phenomenon

By Carolina
June 5, 2006 - 9:40 PM

In a recent interview with the Spanish La Voz de Asturias, David Caruso (Horatio Caine) talked about the secret of CSI: Miami's success.

"I believe that several elements have come together," he explained. "One is that this terrifying new world of forensic science is located in Miami, which has a hypnotic effect and a lot of glamour. In addition, there is very good chemistry between the people. On the other hand, we want to make it as original as it is possible, because, in short, we are working in the shadow of the great mother series, CSI: Las Vegas, and we needed to be ourselves, and I believe that was quite difficult to achieve... Therefore, where the series is located, the new world of forensic science and the people are some of the reasons for the success."

Miami has become a worldwide phenomenon, and has even beat the original CSI in the ratings in some European and Asian countries. But will its success last long? "I would love to know... I don't know. I can only tell you that I am enjoying the work that I do, for that reason I hope that it stays for a long time. The situation is that we have already arrived at 100 episodes and we are still staying quite fresh."

Caruso plans to remain on the series till the very end, but also believes if something were to happen, the show could go on without him. "Yes, I already believe it!" he said. "I believe that several different characters could be created for the series and its world would continue existing and continue being very effective. I think that the individual characters are important, but I consider that now the fictional world of Miami in which CSI develops has already been established."

But for as long as he remains on the series, don't expect him to see him working on anything else. "I will not do films while I am on the series because, as I always say, I feel sufficiently rewarded with CSI. Besides, our season lasts for 46 weeks, and I need the free time that I have left. Perhaps someday…"

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