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Find Out 'Who Shot Sherlock' Tomorrow

By Caillan
January 5, 2005 - 10:05 AM

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'Who Shot Sherlock?' photo - courtesy CBS.com, copyright Paramount PicturesCBS recently released the promo for tomorrow night's all-new CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode, entitled "Who Shot Sherlock?"

Written by David Rambo and Richard Catalani, the episode revolves around the murder of Dennis Kingsley, who dresses up as Sherlock Holmes for meetings of his literary society. The case is an especially tough one for Greg, who must prove he has what it takes to become a fully-fledged CSI.

The 20-second promo is available for download from CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

[Fade in to a street at night, crowded with police cars and emergency vehicles.]
[Text: 'Thursday']
'Who Shot Sherlock?' photo - courtesy CBS.com, copyright Paramount PicturesBrass: (off-screen) "There are two kinds of stories, fact and fiction."
[The camera tracks into a study decked out in furnishings from the Victorian era.]
[Dennis Kingsley lights a pipe in his Sherlock Holmes costume.]
Brass: (off-screen) "Sherlock Holmes is fiction, Dennis Kingsley's murder is fact."
[Dennis Kingsley sits in his study.]
[The shot morphs into a close-up of Dennis Kingsley's shocked face.]
[Police cars draw up outside his house.]
[Close-up of a pistol being pointed.]


[Kingsley's associates, Nelson Oakes, Josh Frost and Kay Marquette walk through the darkness towards the scene.]
[Nelson Oakes, in the character of Dr. Watson, announces their arrival.]
Nelson Oakes: "We are friends of Mr. Holmes!"
[Grissom cocks his head in bewilderment.]


[The CSIs take photos of Dennis Kingsley's dead body.]
[Dr. Robbins and Sara examine photos from the crime scene in the evidence room.]
Dr. Robbins: "Does this guy really dress up like Sherlock Holmes?"
[Shot of Dennis Kingsley, kitted out in his full Victorian era costume.]


'Who Shot Sherlock?' photo - courtesy CBS.com, copyright Paramount Pictures[Back at the lab, Greg takes off his headphones.]
[Text: 'TV's Most-Watched Show']
[Warrick and Nick recreate the murder using a dummy.]
[Catherine walks into the Victorian study.]
[Brass asks Grissom for his opinion.]
Brass: "What are you thinking?"
[Brass, Grissom and Greg stand together in the Kingsley house.]
[Close-up of Grissom.]
Grissom: "Ask Greg. It's his final proficiency."
[Greg takes some deep breaths.]


[Text: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - New Episode - Thursday 9/8C']

To view the trailer in streaming Real Media format, head over to CBS.com.

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