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'CSI: Miami' November Sweeps Spoiler Preview

By Carolina
November 4, 2005 - 9:59 PM

November sweeps will hit CSI: Miami with a wave of intense cases and personal arcs. First, an escaped serial killer prompts Horatio to meet with a friendly face from New York, then an accident at a crime scene puts a CSI's life in danger, a video game's nightmare quest becomes a reality, and finally a member of the team's personal crisis will place his job in jeopardy in the next four episodes of Miami.

Next Monday, "Felony Flight" will open with Miami police chief James Burton requesting his New York counterpart to put serial killer Henry Darius on a private plane to Florida. Darius has just made a jailhouse confession of the murder of Lydia Johnson, the wife of a Miami record executive. Despite a year ago promising that he'd solve the murder, Horatio has been unable to find any definite leads, and now Chief Burton is getting impatient to finally be able to close the books on this case. But Horatio is still unsure Henry Darius is their man, and not convinced flying him in is worth the effort -- a worry that turns out to be justified when Darius causes his plane to crash, manages to escape from the wreckage, and murders four college kids just so he can use their car as a getaway vehicle.

The CSIs begin a two-pronged effort to recapture Henry Darius. While much of the Miami police force is on the lookout for any signs of the serial killer, Horatio decides to focus on figuring out what, if anything, Darius had to do with the murder of Lydia Johnson. Horatio goes to interview Adam, the victim's 8-year old son, and manages to do what no other police officer had been able to accomplish: win his trust. Adam finally tells the real story of what happened a year ago, and is even able to work with a sketch artist to come up with a rough picture of his mother's killer -- a picture that looks nothing like Henry Darius. If Darius didn't kill Lydia Johnson, why did he ever make that confession?

Alexx and Calleigh get the chilling answer to that question when they get called in to investigate a disturbance on the campus of Miami University. When they arrive at the house of the Theta Gamma sorority, they find several brutally murdered co-eds all lined up on the floor next to each other. Darius is already gone -- and it turns out he's taken one of the girls with him. The CSIs now have to do everything in their power, even including bringing in New York's Mac Taylor to help, so they can prevent the kidnapped girl from suffering the same fate as her housemates...

A week later, the unfriendly divorce of a couple will put a CSI's life and career in jeopardy in the episode "Nailed." Gary and Brenda Hall are just about to sign their divorce papers when Brenda is found dead in Gary's new home. The CSIs have seen strange murder weapons before and this one certainly falls under that category – Brenda was killed with a nail gun. The team quickly focuses on Gary and his new fiancé as the primary suspects, but even if Gary and Brenda were going through an unfriendly divorce, what motive could Gary have to kill her and more importantly, what was Brenda doing in Gary's new home?

These are questions Ryan Wolfe is determined to answer. He re-visits the crime scene, hoping to find the evidence they're lacking, when in the blink of an eye his entire life changes. The young CSI checks the bedroom and moves towards the bathroom, unaware of the unseen assailant that is waiting for him inside. As soon as Wolfe opens the door the mysterious person pulls on a trigger - not a gun but a nail gun. Wolfe goes down, blood gushing everywhere, as a nail perforates through his eye.

Alexx Woods goes to the hospital to inquire about Wolfe's health, but the CSI may have been lucky, because according to the doctor the nail wasn't long enough to puncture the brain. Alexx is relieved, but Wolfe may not be out of the woods yet. It was revealed this summer by the producers that this accident will have long term effects for the young CSI (news). Though he'll be able to return back to work promptly, it won't be long before his eye becomes infected by the glue from the nail gun, and he'll slowly start to lose his sight. Could this proverbial final nail kill Wolfe's career? Fans may have to wait a while to find out.

In the next episode, "Urban Hellraisers," another CSI will have a brush with death. Eric Delko is at the bank, requesting a loan, when three robbers wearing ski masks rush in. They shoot the security guard and proceed to put away as much money as they can. Delko has his gun with him but knows he won't be able to take on three armed men on his own. However, when one of the robbers grabs a girl with the intention of raping her, Delko can't hold back any longer. He shoots the robber down and it isn't long before the other two begin to shoot at Delko. Bullets fly back and forth as people scream, and it quickly becomes evident that Delko's initial assessment was right – this is a fight he's going to lose. Despite his best efforts the two robbers take cover behind the teller booths, grab the bank manager and use him as a human shield as they escape, leaving a shaken Delko behind.

Without wasting any time, the team reviews the bank's ATM's security video, where the robbers' vehicle is seen. Lucky for them, also visible is the Miami University sticker on the car's windshield – it seems the team isn't dealing with experienced criminals but a band of teenagers. A visit to the university clues the CSIs in on the robbers' next mission – to assault the Federal Reserve trucks that are scheduled to bring fresh currency to Miami's banks. Horatio rushes to the scene and is able to apprehend one of the robbers, and as Wolfe goes through the young boys' personal belongings he finds a video game called Urban Hellraisers. Horatio doesn't think it's important, but Wolfe has played the game before and something about its storyline tells him Urban Hellraisers might become the most important piece of evidence in this investigation.

So Wolfe returns to the lab and begins to play the game, and as he goes from level to level, discovers the game's storyline seems to eerily resemble the crimes that were committed by the teenagers, down the bank robbery, the kidnapping, and even the rape Delko was able to stop. But this is nothing compared to what takes place in the next level. In order to get away with his crime, Wolfe's player must break into the county police station to steal the evidence that links him to the shooting. But in real life, the evidence isn't at that police station - it's at the lab. Wolfe rushes out to find Horatio and warn him, but he might be too late - down the hall they hear gunshots as a new crop of robbers storm into the lab...

And the final CSI: Miami episode of the November sweeps, entitled "Shattered," the CSIs will find it hard to focus on their job, as they're all worried about their colleague Eric Delko. The MDPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is about to launch an investigation into Delko's drugs problems, and the CSIs try to find a way to help him. Horatio goes to talk to a union representative on Delko's behalf, but is unable to do much more, as he himself is still not out of the hots with IAB. And when called in to talk with IAB agent Stetler, Ryan and Calleigh can do little else but tell the truth, even if it could get Delko in trouble. As for Delko himself, he's clearly stressed out by the constant probing, but refuses to take even a single personal day off, insisting on keeping at work for as long as he's allowed to.

And that may be a good thing, because in "Shattered," Horatio will need all the help he can get to deal with an unusual element in a murder case: competition. When investigating the death of a local gangbanger, the CSIs think they've found their killer when fingerprints on the window of the victim's house trace back to a Californian bounty hunter named Bull Merrick. Presumably, Bull flew in to capture the gangbanger, then shot him when he refused to come along. But it turns out the victim had no outstanding warrants, and when Horatio tracks down Bull, the bounty hunter says he had nothing to do with the killing. Bull doesn't know who's responsible: a man who skipped bail in California, and who Bull has been trying to catch so he can collect the bounty.

Horatio asks for the name of the fugitive, but Bull refuses to give it up -- the man may be Horatio's suspect, but he's Bull's paycheck. Now Horatio will have to hurry to catch his suspect before Bull does, all while trying to avoid the interference of a bounty hunter who's not above breaking the law to complete his mission...

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

These four episodes of CSI: Miami will run all through November sweeps, starting next Monday.

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