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'Prey' Was A Cautionary Tale, Says Alexander

By Carolina
October 4, 2005 - 10:20 PM

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The show The Insider recently visited the set of CSI: Miami to talk to Khandi Alexander (Dr. Alexx Woods) about the message of last night's episode "Prey."

Alexander revealed she would like young people to learn from these stories. "This is a very interesting storyline," the actress. "It's a cautionary tale really. It shows what can happen in an environment with alcohol and young people getting a little crazy."

The plot of the episode was written after the real-life disappearance of Natalee Holloway, who earlier this year disappeared while vacationing in Aruba with some friends. Though CSI: Miami is known for its "ripped from the headline" cases, Alexander said they're simply trying to send out a message, not exploit these real-life cases. "Truth is stranger than fiction and some of the things we have done have been very true to life, because if someone made them up no one would believe it."

"We're extremely sensitive to any parallels because everyone here cares deeply about her family, and the family on our episode has the opportunity to have closure. We don't want anyone to feel that we are insensitive or trying to make it her story. It is not. It is fiction," the actress added.

Sarah Mason, who played Sara Jennings, added that while her scenes were short, they were certainly heavy. "You have fighting scenes and you're drinking and throwing up and all these crazy things happen all in one night. It's so many different storylines thrown into one."

The Insider also had the chance to take a tour of Calleigh Duquesne's gun vault with Emily Procter, who seems to have developed a liking for guns. "There are a lot of things in here that I like," Procter said. "There's a lot of semiautomatics, a lot of rifles. I like rifles. People who have this job have this in real life so that they can test fire all sorts of, you know [weapons]."

Visit The Insider's official website to read the rest of the interview and see a video of Procter's set tour.

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