Alana de la Garza: Marisol Brings Out Horatio's Emotional Side

By Carolina
May 4, 2006 - 8:19 PM

Alana de la Garza (Marisol Delko) talked recently to TV Guide about her role on CSI: Miami and what's in store for Horatio and Marisol.

The actress may not be around for the next season, but revealed she's cherished her time on the set. "I've been really, really blessed. I'm grateful and I'm just hanging on for the ride, praying that it continues. CSI has been really fun because it was supposed to be one or two episodes, but the story line has continued and continued and continued."

De la Garza was originally cast for a couple of episodes, but that changed when she met the leading man. "It was going to be one or two. I was going to play his sister and have cancer. I said 'OK, wow. Awesome.' Then I worked with David Caruso (Horatio Caine) and he turned out to be really great and they said, 'Let's do a story line.'"

The storyline turned out to be a tumultuous romance between her character and Horatio Caine. "I get to bring a little more emotion out of the Horatio character. He's always the hero and strong and firm and final. It's fun to be able to play with the emotional aspect of him. In our relationship, he's still the hero to Marisol and gives her hope. He's someone who believes everything is going to be OK."

But Horatio's convictions might shatter at the end of the season, as rumour has it his bride might not survive the season finale. When asked if she'll be coming back for season 5, de la Garza replied, "I don't think so. That's all I'll say. Horatio has got to be single, after all!"

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