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‘CSI:Miami – The Complete Fourth Season’ Released On DVD

By Deborah
November 3, 2006 - 4:22 AM

CSI:Miami – The Complete Fourth Season DVD set was released on October 31. Now the reviewers have weighed in, allowing consumers to get the full scoop.

The Fourth Season DVD set contains all 25 episodes on seven discs, with a total running time of 18 hours, 10 minutes. There are six audio commentaries. Writer Elizabeth Devine, Director Karen Gaviola and Department Head of Make-Up and Special Effects Cheri Montesanto-Medcaf provide commentary for “From the Grave.” Writer Corey Miller and Director Scott Lautanen do the commentary for “Prey.” Executive Producer Anthony Zuiker, Writer Elizabeth Devine and Director Scott Lautanen comment on “Felony Flight.” Producer Don Tardino, Director Matt Earl Beesly and Director of Photography Eagle Egilsson provide the commentary for “Urban Hellraisers.” Writer Ildy Madrovich and Scott Lautanen comment on “Shattered.” Writer Marc Dube and Director Sam Hill provide their insights on “Payback.”

The set also contains three featurettes on the creation of an episode, with a total running time of approximately 45 minutes. The three featurettes are: “Creating Feature Television: The Concept, Script and Pre-Production of CSI:Miami,” “Producing Feature Television: The Production of CSI:Miami,” and “Finishing Feature Television: The Post-Production of CSI:Miami.”

According to Sitcoms Online, this is a nicely put together set and the special features add a lot to ones knowledge of the show.

Movie Web recommends the set for fans of the series, while providing humorous commentary on David Caruso, “Not to join the flock of Hollywood gurus that poke fun at has-beens like a broken record, but every episode of Miami makes it clear why Caruso was out of the game for so long. The tough-talking, ginger-headed TV veteran is hardly believable as an authority figure, and watching his motionless face try to exhibit happiness and sadness is a riot.”

IF Magazine praises the production and acting, but says, “Throw out David Caruso and this show would be a hell of a lot better. Since that’s not going to happen, it’s still half decent.”

DVD Talk recommends the set, saying, “The DVDs bring the show home, again, in top-notch quality, and throw in some interesting extras for the show’s fans.”

CSI:Miami – The Complete Fourth Season is available on Amazon.

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