'Miami' Season Finale Revealed

By Carolina
May 3, 2005 - 11:58 PM

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A mysterious van parks in front of a loft in the Miami designer district in the middle of the night at the beginning of the final Miami episode, "10-7", CSI Files sources revealed today.

Gary, 20-years-old, is not new to the breaking and entering world, and as he sprays graffiti on a security camera to avoid being identified, the van's driver proceeds to break the chains that hold the loft's doors together. Gary and his accomplice go inside and set up two giant boxes – not weapons but amplifiers. They're not breaking in so they can rob the place, but to start a party. As the music starts to boom loudly with Gary as the DJ, dozens of party-goers arrive, more thrilled about the fact that they're committing a crime than about the party itself. The volume goes up and the people are enchanted with the beat – it looks like Gary is setting himself as Miami's new music sensation. But his plans are cut short by a single twist of fate – the music suddenly stops as the boom of an explosion crumbles the wall behind him down, ends Gary's life, and brings the party to a halt.

Three people are dead and fifteen injured when Horatio arrives at the scene. Detective Hagen informs him the place was picked out as part of the latest trend - breaking into random places to host a party without the owner's permission. As Horatio examines wall that crumbled behind Gary, he notices the fallen debris is gathered on the loft's side, meaning the explosion came from the loft next door. When he climbs over, Horatio finds the origin of the explosion, and the dead body of Brandon Benson, next door. But was Brandon a victim of the explosion or the initiator? An autopsy reveals Benson was stabbed before the detonation occurred, and as the CSIs look for the missing knife Horatio is left to figure out who was Brandon Benson and more importantly - what looms behind the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death?

Ryan and Hagen examine the crime scene and find out the TNT on Benson's possession was sold to him by an Air Force official. Sergeant Tim Stoddard is in charge of the bomb rage and was supposed to demo the TNT that week. But a military report reveals the explosives were never detonated, and a bank statement that the sergeant made a 40,000 dollar deposit earlier that week. It doesn't take long for Stoddard to realize this is a battle he's lost, as he reveals he sold the TNT in order to get rid of his gambling debt. But this revelation is not nearly as troubling as Stoddard's next secret – he sold Benson three cases of TNT. Horatio is confused. Three cases would've done a lot more damage. Where is the missing TNT and what are they planning to do with it?

Calleigh finds the knife that ended Benson's life back at the crime scene, but as Delko lifts prints and searches through AFIS he comes empty handed. Horatio looks over his shoulder as they finally get a hit – but the screen flashes a forbidden message rather than a face and a name. Delko may not have access to the file, but Horatio does. His day goes from bad to worse as he ultimately figures out the fingerprints on the knife belong to none other than Raymond Caine.

It's finally time for Horatio to confront his brother. An undercover cop, Raymond has been following Benson closely and admitted to meeting the man the night of the explosion. Horatio is confused. Why kill Benson? Raymond claims he killed Benson in order to protect his family, who Benson threatened as a way to manipulate Raymond. But as the two men talk they realize it might be too late for Ray Jr., as Yelina's mom reveals her grandson is missing. Now, Horatio and his brother must leave the past in the past in order to find Ray Jr. before it's too late, as Horatio finds Benson belonged to a group of local terrorists who are planning to kill his nephew and deliver more attacks on the city.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"10-7" is set to air on Monday 23rd of May, 2005.

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