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Zuiker Thinks 'CSI: London' Could Work

By Christian
April 3, 2005 - 8:30 PM

Are three CSI shows still not enough for you? If CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker gets his wish, you may have the best chance of satisfying your hunger if you happen to be British.

"I just donít see the rhyme or reason to do a CSI four domestically," Zuiker told the Malaysian Star Online. "I just know from doing the third show, itís hard to be creatively different and have different ideas to do a fourth show. But I do think this is a successful formula in an international arena. [...] I think Clive Owen could do CSI: London in a heartbeat."

For now, though, CSI: New York has only just started to conquer the world - in fact, Zuiker's comments appeared in an article dealing with the Malaysian debut of the show. For that article, Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) was also interviewed, and he told the Star what made him decide to join New York: the creative potential he saw for both the series and his characer. But there was one other reason. "In exchange for maybe a little creative boredom, I have a good strong steady income to put my kids through school and a regular job that allows me to actually do other types of things Iím interested in," he said.

As for his fellow star, Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera), she told the newspaper what interested her about New York. "This is a series that deals with death and the people who were left behind Ė the victimsí families," she said. "I found that that was the most exciting thing when doing the research for this role. [At the same time,] we're starting to delve into who the show's characters are and what they're about and less intense on the morbid stuff."

Part of that stronger focus on the characters may be a further exploration of the chemistry between Mac and Stella. But Kanakaredes said the show should be careful not to go overboard. "I think they should do the flirting but never quite do the dance," she said. "That makes it more exciting. Itís pretty common for two people working closely together to have a sort of unspoken language. They can make it fun without having them jump on top of each other.Ē

More on CSI: New York can be found in the three articles published by the Malaysian Star on the show: one primarily featuring Anthony Zuiker, one featuring Sinise and Kanakaredes, and one featuring the younger stars of the show.

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