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Hall Campaigns For Crime Lab Funds

By Caillan
April 3, 2004 - 8:08 AM

Robert David Hall (Al Robbins) is using the high-profile status of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to highlight the funding crisis affecting crime labs across America.

Hall recently visited Washington D.C. to speak with United States senators about the problem. "We'd like to see more of the high-tech stuff you see on TV spread around the country," Hall told Michael P. Weinfeld of the Associated Press.

The forensic equipment used by Hall and his co-stars on CSI is no set decoration, but actual scientific technology. While a multi-million dollar television show funded by a large media conglomerate can afford such luxuries, the real life criminalists have to make do with what they have. "We have everything," Hall said. "All of the makers of all of this wonderful high-tech gear make sure that we get it, but we're one thing. The real crime labs are another."

While in Washington, Hall was quizzed about whether he'd like to star in his own CSI spin-off, since there seem to be plenty to go around at the moment. "People aren't looking for 55-year-old middle-aged bald guys to star in TV shows," the actor said, adding that he is "proud to be on the original one".

The complete article is available via Yahoo! News.

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