Lady Heather To 'Lose Control' In 'Pirates Of The Third Reich'

By Carolina
February 2, 2006 - 10:34 PM

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"This episode is one of the darkest I've ever read," Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather) told TV Guide this week.

She refers to "Pirates of the Third Reich," the episode that will see the return of Lady Heather and her reunion with Grissom. When Heather's daughter Zoe is murdered by a serial killer engaging in weird experiments, Grissom will have to deliver this horrible news. Clarke didn't give much away, except the news will cause the always composed Lady Heather to, "lose control."

The episode promises to be so dark, intense, and emotional, even the normally stoic Grissom will let his emotions come through. "It's an intense situation," William Petersen (Gil Grissom) said, adding that the episode may make Grissom realize that he, "wants to be a part of [Lady Heather's] life. When you find someone who may share your soul, it has an impact."

This will not be the first time the Grissom-Lady Heather relationship will be put under the microscope on screen. The last time we saw Lady Heather ("Lady Heather's Box") the writers delivered a scene that suggested she and Grissom spent the night together.

Though fans are still debating whether they did or did not, Petersen admits these two characters are more alike than they seem. "I think they have a very interesting intellectual flirtation," he said. "She respects him, but she's so involved in what she does that she's a scientist in her own right."

But this doesn't mean Lady Heather and Grissom will share a happily ever after moment. In typical Grissom-Lady Heather fashion, the questions regarding their relationship won't be answered... at least not in this episode. Supervising producer Richard Lewis promised this isn't the end of Lady Heather. "Clearly the audience loves her," he said. "Grissom is pretty asexual. He's not that interested in anything other than work – except for Lady Heather. She's the closet to getting his heart of anyone."

He continued, "In the end, they go through such a traumatic experience that they do get together on some level. This sets it up for her to come back and, perhaps, pursue the love interest."

"Pirates of the Third Reich" will air February 9th at 9/8 c on CBS. Pick up the latest issue of TV Guide to read the rest of this article.

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