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‘CSI’ Franchise Inspires Comic Books

By Deborah
December 1, 2006 - 12:03 AM

The CSI franchise has inspired a series of comic books published by Ted Adams of Idea Dream Works. “We are all fans of the show ‘CSI’ and decided it would be a good idea to try comic books based on the TV show,” Adams said.

Adams’ decision to get involved with CSI in this way began with another CBS show. “I created a trading card game based on ‘Survivor,’ so I had a relationship with CBS,” says Adams. Adams has been in business with CBS for about five years. He contacted the network and got the greenlight to base comics on the successful franchise.

The stories featured in Adams’ comics are all new. They are not rehashed versions of what has already been on TV. The stories contain themes similar to the TV franchise though: corruption, seedy locations, thugs, murder and corpses. “All of our stories are original stories created by us, by our writers and of course, features the characters from the show,” says Adams.

The comics start in script form. From the script, the artist draws the description of what the page should be. Artists are employed from all over the world to work on the comics. The current CSI artist lives in Italy and submits his work via the internet. CBS has final approval before any comic hits the stands and all the character’s faces are inspected to make sure they look like their real life counterparts.

To read the full story, head over to News 8.

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