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Petersen Honored By ASCP

By Michelle
September 30, 2003 - 10:52 PM

The American Society for Clinical Pathology gave William Petersen its Special Recognition Award for his performance as Gil Grissom on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a show that has greatly increased public awareness portrayal of forensic and investigative sciences.

Pathology Today reports that on September 18th, Petersen in turn presented to ASCP members a demonstration of how the CSI post-production staff portrays the work of medical examiners.

The William Petersen Appreciation Page has video clips and a transcript from Petersen's appearance and acceptance speech.

The award, revealed the transcript, is a working replica of an early 18th century brass microscope.

"Iíve won a few awards from acting over the years and they always give you some glass paperweight that you toss in the closet," Petersen said in his acceptance speech. "This is going right in the front hall when you come in the door."

"I thought this must be an amazing group of people who have come to New Orleans not just to party, but to continue to grow and learn and get better at what they do," he added, saying he felt humbled to be there.

"It is you, you in this room who are the heroes," Petersen told the pathologists.

A more complete transcript of Petersen's remarks is here. Thanks to Elyse's CSI Site for the Pathology Today link.

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