The Search For Sara Begins

By Rachel
September 1, 2007 - 12:30 AM

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The eighth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation opens with the team searching for one of their own.

"Dead Doll" begins where season seven left off: with Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) trapped beneath a car in the desert. The team must rescue her before it's too late. "Dead Doll" was written by Dustin Lee Abraham and Allen MacDonald.

The first of two promos can be seen below, followed by a full transcript.

[Gazing through the broken car window into the darkness, a shape can be seen approaching]
[Sara Sidle looks to see what it is]
[A coyote's legs can be seen walking by]
[Sara's eyes follow it]
[The coyote stops]
[Sara waits]
[The coyote growls]
[Text over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season premiere, Thursday, September 27 9/8 c']

The second promo is longer and shows the rest of the team. A full transcript is below.


'Dead Doll' photo - courtesy, copyright CBS

[Close on Gil Grissom's face, with shadows coming through a window as it rains outside]


[Close on Natalie 's face]
[Overhead view of the red car in the desert as rain pours down at night]


[Flashback shot of Sara Sidle]
[Police cars and a helicopter speed through the desert]


[Catherine Willows stands in the desert]
Catherine: She's a survivor.
[Grissom looks out into the distance]
Grissom: Where is she, Catherine?
[Text over: 'Thursday, September 27'] 'Dead Doll' photo - courtesy, copyright CBS
[Catherine looks around the parking garage where Sara was abducted with a flashlight]
[Warrick Brown and Nick Stokes enter Natalie's workshop, their expressions shocked--and worried]
[Text over: 'the weather is against them']
[Grissom holds a bottle of water over the miniature in his office]
[A shot of Sara's arm extending from beneath the car as water rushes over the dirt surrounding her]
[Grissom watches how the water flows around the miniature]
[Water flows around Sara in the desert]
[The arm of the miniature Sara doll moves]
[Grissom looks up, his expression worried]
[Text over: 'the desert is against them']
[Overhead shot of the desert]
[Greg Sanders looks through binoculars at the landscape]
[Police cars and a helicopter speed through the desert]
[Nick rides in the passenger seat of one of the cars, his reflection in the side-view mirror]
[One of the cars sends sand flying as it hits a dip in the uneven ground]
[Text over: 'time is against them']
[Warrick sits on a bench in the locker room, rubbing his face with one hand]
[Sara struggles, her hair wet]
[Nick hits something out of frustration] 'Dead Doll' photo - courtesy, copyright CBS
[Close on Catherine, her expression troubled]
[As the water level rises, Sara tries to keep her head above the water]
[The police cars speed through the desert]
[Nick and Grissom are running]
[A car is shown kicking up dirt and rocks at night]
[Grissom stops, looking down at what is in front of him]
[Sara continues to struggle, completely submerged beneath water in the car]
[Grissom and Nick rush toward the car]
[Close on Grissom as he rubs his face with one hand]
[Text over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season premiere, Thursday, September 27, 9/8 c']

"Dead Doll" will air September 27, 2007 on CBS. Thanks to chadini and ButterflySidle from YouTube.

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