Dr. Gary Telgenhoff Provides Voice For Al Robbins

By Carolina
June 1, 2005 - 8:30 PM

CSI forensic consultant Dr. Gary Telgenhoff isn't a credited writer for the show, but the real life medical examiner revealed many of the things he says end up on the show.

"In a peripheral sense, I do contribute to the writing," Telgenhoff told Modern Day Sherlock. "Many of Dr. Robbins lines are right from my mouth. There have been some episodes where the story line was written around the way that I answered questions for them. There was one episode in which they changed a large part of the script because I found it to be unrealistic and incredible."

Telgenhoff's reasons for going into forensic pathology are similar to what attracts most CSI viewers to the show. "I think it was the "mystery" or "discovery" of findings that often lead to conclusions," he admitted. "The process of putting the case together. Getting an answer that makes sense. Seeing the understanding in a family's eyes when I have explained what happened to a loved one. Seeing the understanding in the jury's eyes when I have explained medical findings in common, everyday, layman's language. The occasional feeling that I have contributed to a justice system that often works."

In addition, Telgenhoff had the opportunity to attend the screening of "Grave Danger," which took place at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The episode quickly became his favorite. "Let me tell you, the atmosphere was electric... akin to being in a busy sports bar with the super bowl up on the large screen. I'm sure the atmosphere had much to do with it, but it was a damned good episode with George Eads's character buried alive. Great acting, writing, directing etc. etc."

The complete interview can be found at Modern Day Sherlock. Visit Telgenhoff's website to learn more about his work and upcoming projects.

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