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By Carolina
February 1, 2006 - 8:26 PM

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CBS released the promo video of next week's brand new episode of CSI: Miami.

In "Skeletons," a body is uncovered during a beach volleyball tournament, and the evidence leads Horatio to Walter Resden, who is now targeting one of his past victims -- someone Horatio has sworn to protect. Now, Horatio must deduce why Resden has returned and find a way to stop him for good. Meanwhile, Delko and Natalia's relationship takes an unexpected turn when she thinks that she may be pregnant. The episode was written by Elizabeth Devine and John Haynes.

The promo can now be downloaded at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript of the promo video:

[Scene at the beach. Two female volleyball players high five each other before the game.]
[One of them jumps in front of the net and spikes the ball.]
[Shot of the rear end of one of the players. Her bikini reads 'Walsh Speedo.']
[A group of women are exercising together, still at the beach, doing squats.]
[One of the volleyball players is wearing sunglasses, squinting at the sun and waiting to start the game.]
[The two teams are now against each other. One of them goes to spike the ball and the other jumps to block it.]
[One of the players dives in to hit the ball.]


'Fade Out' [The two volleyball players, plus Delko and Dan, are now looking at something in the sand.]
[The camera pulls back to reveal a man, buried in the sand.]
[Text-over: 'Shocking.']
[Horatio has arrived at the scene. He stands over the body with Delko and Dan.]
[Close-up of Delko.]
Delko: "The killer might be trying to get our attention."
[Horatio and Delko continue to study the scene.]


[Flashback: Two bodies, one male and one female, lay on the floor, covered in blood.]
[Flashback: Close-up of one of the victim's hand. The phone was only a few inches away.]
[Flashback: The female victim is lying on her back, and looks like she's been stabbed rather than shot.]
[Her eyes are still opened, her neck smeared with blood.]
[Ryan, Calleigh, and Alexx are at the scene of this crime.]
Ryan: "That's impossible."
[Alexx closely examines the female victim.]
Alexx: "Impossible without some kind of help."
[Calleigh sighs heavily as she stares at all the gore.]
[A man is lying on the floor, dead.]
[Frank and Horatio stand in front of an open door. Frank has his gun drawn, Horatio rests his hands on his hips.]
[Later, he urgently addresses someone over the phone.]
Horatio: "Resden is back."


'Fade Out'[Outside the lab, Horatio meets a woman. He looks at her kindly, but we can't see her face.]
[Split screen: on one side of the screen we see Horatio, on the other, Walter Dresden.]
[Text-over: 'Nemesis.']
[Resden addresses Horatio.]
Resden: "We're in love."
[The camera reveals he's addressed Horatio. Jennifer Wilson is behind him, looking shocked.]
[Jennifer talks to Resden.]
Jennifer: "You could've told me you were a suspect in my parents' murder."
[Flashback: A woman is running through her house when she's caught by an assailant.]
[Flashback: 9-year-old Jennifer is thrown inside a closet.]
[Flashback: From inside, she watches are her parents are killed.]
[Horatio is at the beach, patrol cars are around him. A woman approaches him, but we only see her back.]


[Split screen: On one side, Natalia and on the other Delko.]
[Text-over: 'Affair.']
'Fade Out' [Natalia addresses Delko urgently.]
Natalia: "I'm late."
[Delko looks shocked.]
Delko: "Then what do we do?"
[The couple are having the conversation in the middle of the lab.]
[Two members of the SWAT team move in on a house.]
[Jennifer talks to Horatio.]
Jennifer: "What if you're wrong about him?"
[The SWAT team continues to advance into the house, their guns drawn.]
[Horatio sees another possibility.]
Horatio: "What if I'm not?"
[Horatio enters the house, his gun drawn. He founds a dead body on the floor.]


[The Miami skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami. New Episode, Monday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI: Miami episode, head over to the official CSI: Miami website.

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