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Sep 1 - Bill Haynes
Just before 'CSI: New York''s sixth season kicks off, the show's technical advisor/writer discusses his memorable episodes, how his science knowledge is worked into the show, and which characters he most enjoys writing for.

July 21 - Anthony E. Zuiker
The man behind the 'CSI' franchise discusses his newest venture into the world of publishing with the first Digi-novel, 'Level 26: Dark Origins,' shares his thoughts on the current state of the 'CSI' shows and talks about the direction he believes the entertainment industry needs to take.

July 15 - Hill Harper
The Dr. Sheldon Hawkes actor shares the scoop on his decision to use Twitter to keep fans in the loop about what's happening on the 'CSI: NY' set as well as teasing what's to come for his character in the show's sixth season and discussing his upcoming third book.

May 28 - Corinne Marrinan
After the conclusion of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation''s ninth season, one of the show's newest writers discussed her first year on staff, the three episodes she penned and the creation and development of the show's newest characters.

Apr 27 - Robert David Hall
'CSI''s Doc Robbins talks about his character's big episode, 'The Gone Dead Train,' his relationship with Ray Langston and Riley Adams and his thoughts about the possibility of a 'CSI' movie.

Apr 24 - Corey Miller
The longtime 'Miami' writer talks about his decision to leave the show at the end of its seventh season, developing the character of Ryan Wolfe and the romance between teammates Delko and Calleigh.

Apr 20 - Peter Lenkov
Towards the end of 'CSI: NY''s fifth season, the executive producer previews the episodes leading up to the finale, and discusses the relationships on the show, the inspiration behind the blue flu storyline and the return of fallen former ME Marty Pino.

Apr 7 - Hill Harper
'CSI: NY''s Dr. Sheldon Hawkes discusses the show's fifth season: his character's romantic past and his hopes for Hawkes' love life in the future and Hawkes' integrity, as well as the projects he's pursuing outside of the show, including a new book about relationships.

Feb 9 - Eddie Cahill
During 'CSI: NY''s fifth season, the Don Flack actor talked about his character's big year, including the introduction of his sister Sam, his romance with fellow homicide detective Jessica Angell and his brush with IAB after a suspect died during an interrogation.

Dec 31 - David Rambo
As major changes come to 'CSI,' Supervising Producer Rambo discusses Grissom's departure from the show, the decision-making process behind Warrick Brown's death and 'Young Man With a Horn,' which delves into Las Vegas lore.

Dec 5 - Carmine Giovinazzo
Following the big revelation that Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe are having a child, the 'CSI: NY' actor discussed his character's growing pains, what kind of father he thinks Danny will make and what his ideal scenario for an episode of the show would be.

Oct 31 - Corey Miller
At the beginning of 'CSI: Miami''s seventh season, the supervising producer discusses Horatio's tumultuous family situation, the sparks flying between Delko and Calleigh, and an episode that gives viewers a glimpse into several of the characters' first days as CSIs.

Oct 28 - David Rambo
As 'CSI' enters its ninth season, the supervising producer discusses the major cast changes in the show, both departures and arrivals, as well as how the remaining team grapples with the loss of several of their co-workers and friends.

Oct 9 - Peter Lenkov
Heading into 'CSI: NY''s fifth season, the show's executive producer discusses a big development for Danny and Lindsay and promises interesting storylines for all the show's characters.

Oct 8 - David Berman
Just before the ninth season of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' kicked off, the David Phillips actor discussed the evolution of his character, how he found out he was going to be a regular in season nine and how he juggles both acting on the show and his position as head researcher.

June 6 - Hill Harper
The Sheldon Hawkes actor talks about the release of his new book, 'Letters to a Young Sister,' the fourth season of 'CSI: NY,' and what's in store for his character in the fifth season.

Apr 30 - Keith R. A. DeCandido
The novelist talks about his 'CSI: New York' book, 'Four Walls,' how he explored the characters' traumas within the frame of the novel and his thoughts on the fourth season of the show.

Apr 2 - Peter Lenkov
Coming off the strike hiatus that interrupted season four, the 'CSI: NY' executive producer previewed the rest of the season and the conclusion to the Second Life storyline that began in 'Down the Rabbit Hole.

Mar 18 - Carmine Giovinazzo
The Danny Messer actor discusses his character's love life and how Danny is grappling with the death of his young neighbor on his watch, as well as his own band's first CD, 'Era of the Exposed.'

Mar 10 - Allen MacDonald
As the eighth season of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' picks back up following the WGA strike, the writer of 'The Unusual Suspect,' 'Empty Eyes' and 'Goodbye and Good Luck' discusses bringing back the Wests in Sara's final episode, his inspiration for his episodes and which characters he most enjoys writing for.

Feb 27 - A.J. Buckley
The Adam Ross actor discusses becoming a regular in 'CSI: NY''s fourth season, his character's flirtation with fellow lab tech Kendall Novack, and his admiration for his co-stars.

Feb 22 - Emily Procter
The Calleigh Duquesne actress discussed the love triangle between her character, Eric Delko and Jake Berkeley, the 'Stand Your Ground' episode and how the shooting schedule keeps her and David Caruso apart.

Dec 18 - Marc Vann
The Conrad Ecklie actor discussed his character's rivalry with Grissom, the turning point for his character in "Grave Danger" and his work with William Petersen on the theatre circuit.

Dec 16 - Jon Wellner
In 'CSI''s eighth season, the Henry Andrews actor discussed what it's like being a 'lab rat' on CSI, the two episodes that heavily featured his character and the other lab techs, and his behind-the-scenes role as a researcher for the show.

Dec 4 - Melina Kanakaredes
During the fourth season of 'CSI: NY,' the Stella Bonasera actress discusses her character's friendship with Mac Taylor, her bad boyfriends and the 2007 writers' strike.

Oct 29 - Eddie Cahill
Early in 'CSI: NY''s fourth season, the Don Flack actor discusses Flack's complex relationship with CSI supervisor Mac Taylor, a flirtation on the horizon for his character, and the James Bond send up episode 'You Only Die Once.'

Oct 26 - Hill Harper
During 'CSI: NY''s fourth season, the Dr. Hawkes actor discusses his character's role in season four including a brush with death while diving, as well as the action-packed season three finale in which his character played a pivotal role.

Oct 24 - Anthony E. Zuiker
After the kick-off of 'CSI: NY''s fourth season, the 'CSI' franchise creator discusses the 'NY' episode that delves into Second Life, cross-platforming, the writers' strike and the future of television.

Oct 24 - Anthony E. Zuiker
After the kick-off of 'CSI: NY''s fourth season, the 'CSI' franchise creator discusses the 'NY' episode that delves into Second Life, cross-platforming, the writers' strike and the future of television.

Aug 9 - Peter Lenkov
Just before 'CSI: NY''s fourth season hit the airwaves, the show's co-executive producer discussed the action-packed third season finale, his love of writing for the show's characters and his inspiration for the episodes he's written.

Aug 2 - Rory Cochrane
The Tim Speedle actor discusses his brief return to 'CSI: Miami' in the second episode of season six: how his return came about, what it was like for him to be back on the show's set and working with Adam Rodriguez again.

June 29 - Carmine Giovinazzo
Prior to 'CSI: New York''s third season, the Danny Messer actor discusses his character's relationship with colleague Lindsay Monroe, his character's more mellow attitude and the formation of his band.

May 7 - Eva La Rue
The Natalia Boa Vista actress discusses joining 'CSI: Miami' in the show's fourth season, her character's complex relationship with her ex-husband, her sister's own connection to a killer and her transition from daytime to nighttime TV.

Apr 2 - Adam Rodriguez
At the end of 'CSI: Miami''s fifth season, the Eric Delko actor shares his thoughts on the changes in his character since he was shot, his feelings about the unfolding storyline and the developing romantic feelings between Eric and Calleigh.

Feb 22 - A. J. Buckley
During 'CSI: NY''s third season, the actor who plays lab tech Adam Ross discussed his character's growth, what he brought to the character to make him stand out and the antics of the cast on set.

Feb 12 - Corinne Marrinan
The author of 'Ultimate CSI' discusses the process of writing the book, what parts she thinks will appeal to fans the most and what distinguishes it from other 'CSI' books on the market.

Aug 31 - Hill Harper
The Sheldon Hawkes actor shares all the news about his latest projects just before the kick-off of 'CSI: NY''s third season, including what's next for his character, his on-going book tour and his two upcoming films.

Aug 23 - Anthony E. Zuiker
The 'CSI' creator talks to CSI Files about his love of gaming, the creation of his first board game, 'CSI: Senses,' and about what's ahead in 'CSI: New York''s third season for the characters of Mac Taylor and Lindsay Monroe.

Aug 14 - Rory Cochrane
The former 'CSI: Miami' actor discusses his 2006 films, his new miniseries and his feelings about leaving 'Miami' at the beginning of the show's third season.

Aug 9 - Eddie Cahill
The Don Flack actor discusses his character's recovery from the injuries he sustained in the bombing at the end of 'CSI: New York''s second season, his character's complex relationships with his colleagues, and his thoughts on the show's direction as it enters its third season.

Apr 24 - Carmine Giovinazzo
At the end of the second season of 'CSI: NY', the Danny Messer actor talks about his character's big episode of the season, the 'Tanglewood' follow up 'Run Silent, Run Deep,' and shares his acting philosophy as well and his thoughts on how the relationships between the characters are developing.

Apr 21 - Khandi Alexander
'CSI: Miami''s Alexx Woods discusses the her character's development in the fourth season of 'Miami,' her thoughts on the decision to have a mole in the lab and what she likes best about her unique character.

Apr 17 - Jonathan Togo
The 'CSI: Miami' actor discusses the end of the show's exciting fourth season, muses on the development of Ryan Wolfe over the past two seasons, the love triangle he finds himself embroiled in and the drama surrounding the mole in the crime lab.

Apr 10 - Ann Donahue
At the end of 'CSI: Miami''s fourth season, showrunner Donahue discussed the relationship between Horatio Caine and Marisol Delko, the evolution of the mole plotline, the addition of two new regulars to the cast and looked ahead to the show's fifth season.

Mar 13 - Anna Belknap
The Lindsay Monroe actress discusses joining 'CSI: NY' in the show's second season, how her character's addition added to the lightening up of the show's tone, Lindsay's unique perspective and her flirtation with Danny Messer.

Feb 28 - Guest Actor Perspective: Deborah Fujiwara
One of the extras from the 'CSI: New York' episode 'Fair Game' shares her experience filming a scene for an episode from casting to wardrobe to shooting, and reveals what it's like for a fan to be on set.

Jan 25 - Hill Harper
'CSI: New York''s coroner-turned-CSI discusses the transition from the morgue to the field in the show's second season, how his characterís perspective differs from the others on the show and how the science of CSI is applied outside the criminal justice field.

Jan 23 - Jorja Fox
'CSI''s Sara Sidle discusses bringing the 'CSI' team back together in the show's 6th season, the team split in season five and the latest developments in Sara's relationship with Grissom.

Jan 11 - Corey Miller
Midway through 'CSI: Miami''s fourth season, scribe Corey Miller revealed to CSI Files' Kristine Huntley what goes into creating an episode of 'CSI: Miami,' how plotting the show works and what he's learned from fans of the show.

Dec 19 - Adam Rodriguez
Midway through 'Miami''s fourth season, the Eric Delko actor discusses his character's tumultuous personal life, Delko's relationship with his seriously ill sister and a twist he'd like to see in the show.

Oct 18 - Emily Procter
The Calleigh Duquesne actress discusses life on the 'CSI: Miami' set, the tension between the characters, the departure of Rory Cochrane and why she no longer has a wish list of developments for her character.

Aug 8 - Eddie Cahill
'CSI: NY''s Don Flack talks about the show's second season revamp, his character's development, his thoughts on the role of police officers and how he got cast in a little sitcom known as 'Friends.'

July 24 - Cinephile
CSI Files talks one-on-one (or two) with the band who caught the attention of CSI music fans everywhere with 'Nesting Dolls' featured song 'What Becomes of Us.'

May 19 - George Eads
At the end of 'CSI''s fifth season, Eads discusses his character's developments over the course of the show and the experience of fame that comes with starring in television's number one drama.

May 3 - Josh Berman
CSI's co-executive producer answers your questions about Billy Petersen's ad-libs, season 5's new characters, continuity, Tarantino, and an upcoming Sara-Greg episode!

Apr 6 - Anthony E. Zuiker
'CSI' creator and 'CSI: New York' showrunner Zuiker talks about 'CSI: NY''s bumpy first season and discusses the evolution of the characters and stories.

Feb 4 - Guest Actor Perspective - Natasha Alam
Wondering what it's like to join the 'CSI' cast for a week? Find out in this interview with the actress who played last night's Svetlana Melton!

Dec 21 - Bill Brown, CSI: New York's Sole Composer
A special holiday treat from CSI Files to you: an exclusive interview with CSI: New York's sole composer, Bill Brown.

Dec 15 - Eric Szmanda
Just before Greg Sanders becomes a full CSI, Eric Szmanda discusses Greg's evolution from a minor recurring character to full series regular and how he influenced the producers' decision to let Greg out of the lab and into the field.

Nov 15 - Jonathan Togo
The newest addition to 'CSI: Miami' talks about adjusting to joining the hit show, his admiration for his predecessor, and his personal admiration for the 'CSI' franchise.

Oct 21 - Carmine Giovinazzo
Danny Messer actor discusses why his native New Yorker character is an ideal role for him, upcoming developments for his character and why he's utterly fascinated by the forensics in 'CSI: NY.'

Sep 22 - Rory Cochrane
A candid interview with the CSI: Miami star, who talks about leaving the show after two years, his acting career, his current roles and his dissatisfaction with the way his character died.

July 24 - Max Allan Collins
Novelist talks upcoming 'CSI' & 'CSI: Miami' books, comic mini-series and the next computer game.

July 11 - Tom Hillmann
CSI and CSI: Miami guest actor Tom Hillmann (Special Agent Sackheim) answers readers' questions on playing an FBI Agent, the atmosphere on the Miami set and working with David Caruso.