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Series: 'CSI: New York'
Episode Title: 'Wasted'
Episode Number: 212
Synopsis: "Mac, Danny and Dr. Hawkes are puzzled by the death of a model coated only in body paint who collapses on a runway while displaying a designer's spring swimsuit during a fashion show. Mac, Danny and Dr. Hawkes investigate if her death was caused by the product that coated her -- but their case becomes even more complex when a second model is found dead in a cargo area staged outside of the fashion show. Meanwhile, a terminally ill patient walks into the precinct and confesses to the murder of his doctor. Stella, Det. Flack and Lindsay question the suspect's confession when they realize the doctor was moonlighting as an alternative healer."

Original Airdate: January 18, 2006


Written By: Bill Haynes and Pam Veasey
Directed By: Jeff Thomas

Guest Stars:


  • Mac investigates the murder of a young boy who appears to have gone train surfing, while Stella looks into the death of a doctor whose liking for alternative medicine proved fatal. (December 19, 2005 - CSI Files)

  • This episode features a guest appearance by Entertainment Tonight reporter Mark Steines as himself, who is on hand to cover the spring fashion show.


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