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Cool Hunter

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Series: 'CSI: New York'
Episode Title: 'Cool Hunter'
Episode Number: 216
Synopsis: "When blood begins pouring from the faucets of a building, Mac, Det. Flack and Lindsay investigate and find a female doorman dead in the building's water tank. After learning that the building in which their victim was found had six suspicious deaths over a 10 year period, Lindsay begins to question the science and wonders if the building is cursed. Mounting evidence seems to point to only one suspect, a doctor, who swears he had no interaction with the victim, even though their lives seem intertwined. Meanwhile, when a trend spotter is killed in Washington Heights after photographing a stylish teen, Stella, Sheldon and Danny question the marketing executive whose business was affected most by the victim's foray into the neighborhood."

Original Airdate: March 08, 2006
Rerun: June 21, 2006


Written By: Daniele Nathanson
Directed By: Norberto Barba

Guest Stars:


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7-8 11.1% - (20 Votes)
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3-4 0.5% - (1 Votes)

Total Votes: 180

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