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Series: 'CSI: Miami'
Episode Title: 'Identity'
Episode Number: 0315
Synopsis: "When the CSIs find a woman swallowed whole and killed by a gigantic snake, they uncover a covert drug smuggling operation. Evidence leads Horatio and the team to a drug smuggling operation where large snakes are suspected of be being used to bring illegal drugs into the country to avoid detection by customs. However, when Horatio finds that Clavo Cruz, a nemesis of Horatio's who hides behind his diplomatic immunity, may be behind the operation, the team must find a legal way to put the criminal behind bars. Meanwhile, Wolfe must find the truth when two women each claim that they are the real victim of identity theft and the other is the culprit."

Original Airdate: February 14, 2005
Fan Rating: 8.4/10 (Full Poll Results)


Written By: Ann Donahue and Ildy Modrovich
Directed By: Gloria Muzio

Guest Stars:


  • A 21-year-old woman is reportedly found beside the pool deck at an exclusive Miami hotel after being eaten by a python. When the CSIs capture the python, Alexx discovers that the animal was used by traffickers to smuggle drugs. The trail of evidence leads Horatio to an old nemesis who got away the last time the pair crossed paths... (November 22, 2004 - CSI Files)


Poll Results

How would you rate CSI: Miami's 'Identity?'
9-10 55.2% - (90 Votes)
7-8 17.1% - (28 Votes)
Didn't want to see it 11.6% - (19 Votes)
Wasn't able to see it 4.9% - (8 Votes)
1-2 4.2% - (7 Votes)
5-6 4.2% - (7 Votes)
3-4 2.4% - (4 Votes)

Total Votes: 163

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