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Meet Market

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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Meet Market'
Episode Number: 0714
Synopsis: "A case involving a man's torched corpse, whose bones and tissues had been harvested, leads Nick and Keppler into the disturbing world of illegally secured and sold human body parts. Meanwhile, Warrick and Sara learn more than they care for about the workings of a new-concept 'host club' for women, after discovering that the reportedly happily married murdered woman had been pursuing a 'relationship' with Jesse, one of the establishment's most handsome and popular young hosts."

Original Airdate: February 01, 2007
Rerun: July 31, 2008


Written By: Dustin Lee Abraham
Directed By: Paris Barclay

Guest Stars:


  • This episode reunites Liev Schreiber and Gordon Clapp who both garnered critical acclaim for their roles in the 2005 Broadway production of 'Glengarry Glen Ross.'

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