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Loco Motives

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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Loco Motives'
Episode Number: 0710
Synopsis: "A case involving a man killed at a poultry manufacturing plant leads the CSI team closer to discovering the identity of the serial killer who leaves miniature replicas of his crime scenes. When the CSIs process clues at the poultry manufacturing plant, the evidence leads them to the home of a man who collects miniature trains and other miniature paraphernalia. Grissom and his team rush to link him to the other miniature killings, but a twist in the case could prevent them from gathering enough evidence to catch the killer."

Original Airdate: December 07, 2006
Rerun: August 30, 2007


Written By: Evan Dunsky
Directed By: Kenneth Fink

Guest Stars:


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