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Way To Go

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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Way To Go'
Episode Number: 0624
Synopsis: "In the wake of the shooting, a CSI team member faces a tough decision by holding the person's power of attorney. Meanwhile, when evidence suggests that a small-waisted man who was decapitated by a train was really a cover up for murder, the CSIs investigate the man's bizarre lifestyle of routinely wearing corsets."

Original Airdate: May 18, 2006


Written By: Jerry Stahl
Directed By: Kenneth Fink

Guest Stars:


  • A member of the team has been shot and Grissom must make the medical decision that could ultimately kill them. Meanwhile, the team investigates the murder of a man who wore corsets on a regular basis. (May 09, 2006 - CSI Files)

  • Robert David Hall: "One of the CSIs is in very extreme danger. Somebody could go; I'm praying down on bended knee that it's not the coroner." (May 18, 2006 - CSI Files)

  • Paul Guilfoyle: "Hope they wheel me onto the set of ER if I'm dying." (May 18, 2006 - CSI Files)


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