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Dead Ringer

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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Dead Ringer'
Episode Number: 0420
Synopsis: "Grissom discovers the dead body of a Los Angeles cop in the desert during a nighttime 120-mile relay race for police officers and the investigation turns up signs of foul play. Back at the hotel where the officers are staying, two more bodies are found in what appears to be a murder-suicide between male and female cops who may have been lovers. But Warrick and Sara believe it may be a double homicide."

Original Airdate: April 29, 2004
Rerun: July 22, 2004


Written By: Elizabeth Devine
Directed By: Ken Fink

Guest Stars:


  • Two police officers involved in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup turn up dead. One of the victims is suspected of being a "ringer", a contestant fraudulently transferred into the race in order to give their team a better chance of winning. (March 18, 2004 - CSI Files)


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