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Bad Words

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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Bad Words'
Episode Number: 0419
Synopsis: "Catherine and Warrick suspect a serial arsonist is at work after a house fire kills a teenage girl in a neighborhood where there was a previous blaze a few days earlier; a champion at a popular word-game tournament is found dead of asphyxiation in a men's room and several tile letters are found in his throat and stomach."

Original Airdate: April 15, 2004
Rerun: December 16, 2004


Written By: Sarah Goldfinger
Directed By: Rob Bailey

Guest Stars:


  • Catherine, Nick and Warrick reportedly investigate the death of a teenage girl in a house fire. (February 21, 2004 - CSI Files)

  • Grissom and Sara try to find out who murdered a top scrabble player. (February 21, 2004 - CSI Files)


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