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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Stalker'
Episode Number: 0219
Synopsis: "Jane Galloway lives in fear. Her doors are triple-locked. Every shade is drawn. The bathroom window is nailed shut. An alarm system is activated. But none of Jane's precautions keep a stalker from killing her. When the CSIs arrive at the scene, they discover the victim with her hair dyed and her face shoved in a toilet. The sickening image hits a nerve for Nick, but he's unsure why. And the case leaves the team with two mysteries to address: Who killed Jane, and how could the murderer have possibly entered, and left, the house?"

Original Airdate: April 04, 2002


Written By: Anthony E. Zuiker & Danny Cannon
Directed By: Peter Markle

Guest Stars:


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