Report: ‘CSI’ Enters A New Era In 2012


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will bid adieu to Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) in January, and welcome Elisabeth Shue as Julie Finlay just two weeks after. With some changes ahead, CSI Files’ Shane Saunders talks with those close to the show and learns of what CSI has in store for the remainder of its twelfth season. Spoilers ahead in this CSI Files report.

Starting with this season’s fourteenth episode, Nick Stokes (George Eads) will find himself in some new situations, one of them including a possible romance. “We probably want to delve into Nick’s personal life a little bit more, or as least as much as we can for a procedural,” one source close to the show tells CSI Files. In the February 15 installment (written by Christopher Barbour and Tom Mularz), a nurse at Desert Palm will come into contact with Nick, and if there’s chemistry between the two, there’s a chance she could come back on a recurring basis. “We’re not going to force anything,” the source says in regards to a potential romance. “The way she’s integrated right now is she’s a nurse at the hospital where Nick has rescued a gentleman [who is in a car accident] and appears to have been shot.” Adding, “It works organically within their relationship, it works within the context of [Episode] fourteen; if it seems like they have some kind of chemistry, then we have the opportunity to persue that.”

Nick’s involvement with that case will also bring Julie “Finn” Finlay to Las Vegas. “The evidence becomes quite complicated from a blood evidence standpoint and Elisabeth Shue’s character is called in as a consultant to try and reconstruct the possible violent events that occured to and around the victim we have in the hospital,” a source shares. Finlay also shares a past with new supervisor DB Russell (Ted Danson), and there may be a little tension when the two reunite. “There is some, but there’s also a work chemistry or intellectual chemistry that is reignited when they meet.” Though it doesn’t seem the tension will transpire for long, as the source also says, “The reason they were good working partners before is reconnected in the episode. They’re well aware of their past.” The source says there’s no romantic history between the two.

As of yet, there are no plans to bring Sqweegel back, but “It’s out in the open. That’s always hanging out there.” Other fun episodes coming up include this season’s fifteenth episode, written by Melissa Byer and Treena Hancock. “A house is stolen and there is a shocking murder involved.”

Shane Saunders
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