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Eddie Cahill

By Christian Sparborth
Posted at September 24, 2005 - 7:29 PM GMT

On Thursday the 22nd of September, 2005, Eddie Cahill (Det. Flack) took part in a live chat session with CSI Files visitors, during which he answered questions about his character, his new hairstyle, and the other films and TV shows he's been in. Below you can find a transcript of the entire chat.

Christian: Right, hello everyone! And a very special welcome to Eddie Cahill, who's been gracious enough to join us tonight. Is everything working okay for you, Eddie?

Eddie Cahill: Kind of. Still working out the kinks.

Christian: We're talking tonight with Eddie Cahill, one of the stars of CSI: New York, who plays Det. Flack.

Christian: We've received lots of questions via the message board, and of course you're able to ask questions now as well. To do so, simple type "/msg Kristine [your question]".

Christian: Just tell us when you're ready, Eddie, and we will begin to ask you questions :).

Eddie Cahill: Good to go.

Christian: Wonderful! The first question: how has the season been so far? Which episode are you filming right now?

Eddie Cahill: So far so great! We're currently shooting episode seven.

Kristine: radrcks would like to know if you ever visit the message board at Talk CSI or any of the fansites dedicated to you?

Eddie Cahill: I've been to Talk CSI a couple of times... I have fan sites?

Kristine: Yes indeed! :)

Eddie Cahill: Wow.

Christian: Jorja_Fan 86 (who's apparently also a Melina fan) asks what is it like working with Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera)?

Eddie Cahill: It can break into song at any moment with Melina. She's like a jukebox on legs and an absolute pleasure to be around.

Kristine: Khanada would like to know what you do around the set to relax. Who do you hang around the set with and/or joke around with? Is there a prankster among the cast?

Eddie Cahill: When I'm working I tend to spend most of my downtime on set hanging with the crew... It's a good group... There are a couple of pranksters.

Christian: tuesdaymorning asks Do you think the relationship between Danny and Flack will grow stronger as the season progresses?

Eddie Cahill: I hope so. I think the two characters have a lot in common although they may approach situations differently. I really loved the moments we had in "On the Job" and he's a great actor to work with.

Eddie Cahill: It has been and could continue to be a dynamic realationship.

Kristine: JDonne would like to know if there are any roles you regret passing on or not taking, or if there are any roles you regret accepting.

Eddie Cahill: I've been very lucky with the roles that've come my way and as a younger guy haven't done much passing. Never felt I had to.

Christian: Starpiper has a few questions about Flack's background. Have you worked anything like that out? For instance, what kind of family does he come from?

Eddie Cahill: We've worked out that he's got a legacy. We know his father was a cop, and some ideas have been thrown around but nothing put in ink. But there will most likely be issues...

Christian: Starpiper also asked about Flack's father... she noticed that in "The Fall," when Moran asks him how his father is doing, Flack looks hesitant for a few seconds. Do he and his dad have a good relationship?

Eddie Cahill: I think it's a tense relationship... part of what we tried to do in the fall was establish Moran as a bit of a father figure to Don. Someone who may have filled a void.

Kristine: Dance2nite926 asks if you've learned anything new since being on a show about forensic science?

Eddie Cahill: I've learned that a career in murder will most likely be short lived due to the advancements in science. And I'm grateful for that.

Christian: Hungry4TheWolfe asks What was the best part about filming "Miracle" and if he still likes to play or watch hockey?

Eddie Cahill: If I had to pick one thing, it was the relationship we all had that I treasure the most. LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!

Kristine: lookaboomerang would like to know if you were as annoyed as the fans were about the premiere of CSI: NY's second season being pushed back a week?

Eddie Cahill: I'm anxious... not annoyed.

Christian: CSI: New York will be in a very challenging timeslot this season, airing opposite both Law & Order and Invasion. Do you worry about things like that?

Eddie Cahill: Good question. I'd like to say no, and in many ways I'm not, but I think about it. It's hard not to.

Kristine: BittenbytheWolfe would like to know if you know why the producers changed Flack's first name from Joe to Don?

Eddie Cahill: That happened before I was cast... I gotta say though, I dig Don as a handle. It fits him.

Christian: JayHoward wants to know why you weren't in the original Miami / New York crossover episode that launched the show. Would you have wanted to?

Eddie Cahill: They hadn't created my character yet. Yeah I would've loved to be in that ep. Partly because it was great, and had I been in it, I wouldn't have felt like the new kid in school when I showed up. You know what I'm saying?

Christian: Definitely :). Will you be making up for it in this year's crossover?

Eddie Cahill: Yes I will. That's what we're shooting now.

Kristine: FooFoo asks whether you stay in LA when you're not filming or if you live in NY?

Eddie Cahill: I live in L.A. now but miss New York terribly. That's not to say I don't really like L.A. though.

Christian: There will be several new actors joining the show this year. Have you already had a chance to work with Anna Belknap, and Ron Yuan?

Eddie Cahill: I worked with Ron, haven't worked with Anna yet but she's awesome!

Kristine: Jonne notes that the NY cast is one of the prettiest casts on television. She wants to know who is the prettiest: you, Hill Harper (Dr. Hawkes), Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) or Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor)?

Eddie Cahill: Ya got me there! But thank you I think.

Christian: And CrimeShark asks Whose decision was it to have Flack cut his hair for the new season? Do you prefer the new hairstyle or the old one?

Eddie Cahill: I love having short hair... It's easy. It was a mutual decision. The mop was tough to take care of.

Kristine: GoodLittleWench wants to know what the most challenging part of playing Flack is?

Eddie Cahill: The challenge to playing any role for me is trying to maintain a third dimension.

Eddie Cahill: That's a big question. I want him to be authentic and accessible. I hope that makes sense to you.

Kristine: Definitely. :)

Christian: angelwings asks What inspired you to get into acting?

Eddie Cahill: My parents took me to see a play when I was sixteen and I fell in love with one of the characters.

Kristine: To follow up on that, Ella asks if you prefer comedic or dramatic roles.

Eddie Cahill: I like them both the same.

Christian: Kati asks How was the shoot of your on series Glory Days with Poppy Montgomery and Jay R. Ferguson. Did you get along well?

Eddie Cahill: We got very close and I learned a lot from them.

Christian: Are you still doing okay, Eddie? How much longer would you like to go on?

Eddie Cahill: I'm good.

Kristine: BittenbytheWolfe notes that Flack had Danny's back in "On the Job." Are they friends outside of work? Are they close?

Eddie Cahill: Yeah I think they are... but more than that, as cops they share something unique to their job.

Christian: From Khanada comes the traditional celebrity question: boxers or briefs?

Eddie Cahill: Depends on the weather.

Kristine: So either then?

Eddie Cahill: Yeah. It's a mood thing too.

Kristine: Really?

Christian: Hungry4TheWolfe asks What does he think of Flack's great one liners? Which ones are his favorite?

Eddie Cahill: They're a gift as far as I'm concerned... "Yeah ya did, ya got steak sauce on my shoes." Among others.

Kristine: FooFoo and BittenbytheWolfe and several others asked about sexual tension between the characters. Do you see any between your character and any of the others?

Eddie Cahill: There's always bound to be some, isn't there?

Kristine: Any specific characters?

Eddie Cahill: Aren't we limited to Melina and Vanessa?

Christian: We're not touching that one :). kati asks Can you tell us something about your audition for CSI-NY?

Eddie Cahill: I think there were moments with the both of them.

Eddie Cahill: I feel very fortunate that it worked out the way it did. And they (the producers etc.) were great.

Kristine: jkladis wants to know if you pick your leather jackets that Flack wears on the show. Do you like Flack's sense of style?

Eddie Cahill: Flack will no longer be wearing the leather jacket... I miss it, but not too much. It began to feel like a second skin.

Christian: JemimaFlack asks If you hadn't gone into acting, what career path do you think you would have taken?

Eddie Cahill: I don't know. It would be something that was out of an office and involved dealing with people. I've always been a fan of the NYPD and NYFD. But I'm not sure.

Kristine: How are you doing Eddie? How much longer would you like to take questions for?

Eddie Cahill: 10.

Kristine: Great. :) ThumpyG42 would like to know about your experience with motorcycles after seeing the first season finale. Do you ride them? Was that scene fun to film?

Eddie Cahill: I don't ride... if I lived in the country I would. That was a blast!

Christian: miam asks Do you have further projects running next to CSI: NY?

Eddie Cahill: I gotta step away for a sec... Be right back.

Christian: OK, we'll be right here :).

Eddie Cahill: Thank you. No, I don't have anything else going right now.

Kristine: Several users are curious about your entertainment tastes. What are your favorite TV shows? What bands do you like?

Eddie Cahill: I don't watch much TV, but I do like to watch sports... as for bands I like The Pogues, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, The Animals, Led Zep., and many many more.

Eddie Cahill: De La Soul.

Eddie Cahill: It's a long list.

Christian: We've had questions from both Asian and European fans, wondering whether there's any chance you'll make promotional visits to other parts of the world and meet your fans?

Eddie Cahill: That would be a dream come true. I really hope so. And may be very possible.

Kristine: Bitten asks if besides acting, do you have any interest in any other aspect of show business? Writing, directing, producing, etc?

Eddie Cahill: I would say writing before directing but both.

Christian: Our final question from the message boards -- okaygo asks What's the best part of being on CSI: NY?

Eddie Cahill: The people I get to work with and learn from.

Eddie Cahill: Thank you all for taking part in this chat... it was a blast for me. Good night to all of you. All the best, Eddie.

Christian: Thanks for participating, Eddie!

Kristine: Thank you Eddie! :)

Christian: Well, that concludes our third live chat here at CSI Files. Thanks to all of you for showing up and submitting questions, and of course a very special thank you to Eddie for agreeing to participate in this chat!

Christian: Thanks also to T'Bonz for helping out with the technical aspects of this chat, and to IRCStorm.net for hosting the chat!

Eddie Cahill: My pleasure.

Christian: A transcript of the chat will be posted on CSIFiles.com sometime tomorrow.

Christian: I'll now be turning off moderation, so everyone has a chance to say thanks to Eddie.

FooFoo: Thank you Eddie! We love you. All of us!
Hungry4TheWolfe: Thanks Eddie and I have to say Go Red Wings!

Eddie Cahill: No, Rangers baby!

Ella: Canucks are better muahaha

Eddie Cahill: Keep an eye on Bertuzzi.

Khanada: A man and his sports: it's a wonderful thing
TBonz: Bah Rangers. Go Penguins ;)
Bitten: W00t w00t, Eddie! You rock!
NYFan: No, Habs!!
evol_hoot: Go FLYERS!

Eddie Cahill: RANGERS

NYFan: I mean, Go Habs!
evol_hoot: Boo Rangers

Eddie Cahill: good night ya'll.

TBonz: night
Hungry4TheWolfe: sorry honey, Red Wings...
b>lookaboomerang: such a colorful group are we. lol I love it.
wurlocke: good night
Khanada: Night Eddie
Ella: bye :D

* eddiec has quit IRC (Quit: eddiec)

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