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Writers Happy To Return To Work

By Kristine Huntley
Posted at February 15, 2008 - 8:00 PM GMT

After the hundred-day-long Writers Guild of America strike, the scribes for all three CSI shows returned to work Wednesday to complete the remainder of their seasons. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation writers are expecting to complete six more episodes, CSI: New York scribes seven, and CSI: Miami writers eight.

"It's great to be here!" CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's David Rambo tells CSI Files of his return to work. New York scribe Bill Haynes concurs. "It is great to be back," Haynes said. "[T]hough it is extra hectic as we're trying to complete seven eps for the remainder of season four," he adds, making reference to the accelerated production schedule the writers are facing in order to get the CSI shows back on the air in a little over a month.

Reaction to the deal that ended the more than three month face off against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is one of overall approval. New York scribe Zachary Reiter, who describes the strike as "an unfortunate but necessary evil," opines that the deal is one that most writers can live with, even if it doesn't accomplish every goal they had hoped to achieve. "I think the vast majority of the guild is pleased with the outcome and with the leadership," Reiter notes. "It's not a perfect deal (still no jurisdiction over animation and reality) but we made significant progress in new media. A big step."

Haynes emphasizes the importance of the writers achieving their primary goal: residuals for episodes streamed over the internet. "I am very happy with what our guild, along with the support of several other guilds, was able to accomplish," Haynes says. "It ensures us a fair stake in the emerging digital markets, which is exactly what we were asking for." Rambo agrees: "We're all relieved to have a contract that accomplishes nearly every goal the WGA set out to achieve. We're even more relieved that our parking passes still got us into the studio!"

One thing the writers are universally pleased with is fan support during the strike. "Everyone at [the writers'] table is tremendously grateful for the support of the fans during this strike," Rambo says. "The gifts, the messages of encouragement, the flyovers, and especially the company of those who personally joined us on the picket line--all of it helped so much to keep us going."

Haynes adds that the New York writers appreciated fan support during the strike as well, and promises good things to come in the remaining episodes of the season. "Much thanks goes out to all the fans that supported us through the strike, and I urge them to please come back to us, as there will be many treats to come in our first episodes back!" Haynes says. Reiter expresses equal enthusiasm: "I'm very happy to be back and eager to deliver what promises to be a great remainder of season four."

Rambo echoes the sentiments of his New York counterparts. "We've dusted off our desks and opened mail that's been waiting for us for 15 weeks--and gathered around the writers' room table to go over the plan for new episodes to complete Season 8," he says. "We left some important threads dangling when our work was interrupted. It's challenging, fun and just a bit weird to be picking up where we left off so long ago."

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Kristine Huntley is a freelance writer and reviewer.

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