Ultimate CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

By Kristine Huntley
Posted at October 30, 2006 - 8:19 AM GMT

Fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are drawn to the show for many reasons. For some it's the science, for others it's the mysteries, for many it's the characters. Those who enjoy any or all of those aspects will welcome the publication of the new book Ultimate CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which takes an in depth look at the many aspects that make the show so appealing.

Penned by CSI Associate Producer Corinne Marrinan and science expert Steve Parker, the book delves into all six seasons of CSI. In addition to the text, the book boasts over four hundred images from the show. The comprehensive guide features spreads on the characters, some of the various cases they've tackled as well as the science they use to solve those cases, as seen here in this exclusive two-page image from the book:

Ultimate CSI

After an introduction to how the toxicology lab functions, the authors discuss how toxins can enter the body before delving into specific cases the CSIs encountered where toxins were used as the means for murder. In their investigations, the CSIs have encountered a multitude of toxins, from prescription drugs administered in fatal doses to snake venom to the deadly ricin.

All of the main characters are represented in two page spreads scattered throughout the book, which cover their pasts and personal lives throughout the six seasons of the show. The spread on Grissom notes that the scientific-minded CSI once consulted a psychic; Catherine's pages discuss her tumultuous relationships with her ex-husband Eddie and her father, Sam Braun; Warrick's discusses his gambling addiction as well as his rapport with children. In addition to the main cast, there are also pages devoted to the lab techs and the detectives and officers the CSIs work with on a regular basis, as well as lab fixtures David Hodges and David Phillips.

The book also explores the familiar settings the show utilizes, such as the lab and Brass's office. Fans can also get a peek into Grissom's bug-packed office in this spread:

Ultimate CSI

Though various insects grace the walls behind Grissom's desk, his interests don't stop at entomology. As the spread reveals, he also has reptilian specimens, as well as a fetal pig in a jar, which he presented to Catherine when she was promoted to the position of supervisor. In addition to his dead creatures collection, Grissom's office is also filled with books.

Rounding out the book are spreads on selected episodes, many of which are especially significant to the show as a whole or the characters' development. Featured episodes include "Butterflied," in which the CSIs investigate the death of a woman who bore a stunning resemblance to Sara; "Cross-Jurisdictions," the episode brought Catherine and Warrick to Miami to launch the first CSI spin-off, CSI: Miami; "Inside the Box," where Catherine discovered the identity of her father; and "Random Acts of Violence," in which Warrick grapples with a drive-by shooting in the neighborhood he grew up in.

Ultimate CSI is released today, October 30th, and is availble for purchase at Amazon.com. For more on the book, visit the website of the publisher, DK.com.

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