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News Headlines for September 2006

Sep 29 - ‘CSI’ Franchise Scores Ratings Victory This Week
The entire franchise proved to be ratings winners this week. Not even ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ had more total viewers! Find out more.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
'CSI' stars to appear at London Expo, Hill Harper to attend Baltimore Book Fair, Marg Helgenberger gets street named after her, new homicide investigation fantasy camp is created and much more!

Sep 28 - First ‘Murder Sings The Blues’ Plot Details Revealed
In the seventh ‘CSI:NY’ episode of the season, Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor meets his match and one of the team members investigates the death of someone familiar. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 28 - Review: CSI: New York--'Not What It Looks Like'
A jewelry store robbery has unintended consequences; Mac tries to determine if a councilman's wife died of natural causes or was the victim of foul play.

Sep 27 - CSI: Senses Contest, Part Two
Answer another question for a second chance to win a copy of the latest CSI board game!

Sep 25 - Writers Avoided TV Formula In ‘CSI’ Season Finale
‘CSI’ executive producer Naren Shankar reveals why the show chose to end last season with an emotional cliffhanger, rather than a violent one.

Sep 25 - Corey Miller Updates His Blog
Corey Miller is back! Find out what the ‘CSI:Miami’ writer / producer has to say about his blog and read writer / co-executive producer Sunil Nayar’s perspective on Rio.

Sep 25 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Built To Kill, Part 1'
A woman is found dead at a Cirque du Soleil show and a man appears to have committed suicide at a Sam Braun party in 'CSi''s seventh season opener.

Sep 23 - First “Post Mortem’’ Plot Details Revealed
In the seventh episode of the season, one of the ‘CSI’ team members finds their actions from a previous episode come under scrutiny. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 22 - 'CSI' Season Opener Loses Battle Against 'Grey's Anatomy'
According to preliminary numbers from Nielsen, the top rated drama didn't live up to the competition. Find out more, as well as how CSI:Miami and CSI:New York faired this week.

Sep 22 - Review: CSI: New York--'People With Money'
Mac and company investigate the murder of a man found dead on the Brooklyn bridge and a socialite discovered beaten to death in her apartment.

Sep 22 - ‘CSI’ Actor William Petersen Plans A Return To Chicago Theater
Find out about Petersen’s plans to return to his roots following the seventh season.

Sep 21 - ‘CSI’ Opens Season At Cirque De Soleil
‘CSI’ actors William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, and George Eads discuss the location for the season opener and what filming in Las Vegas brings to the show. Minor spoilers!

Sep 20 - David Rambo: From Stage To Small Screen
The ‘CSI’ writer discusses how he made his way from playwright to TV writer and addresses some of the differences in the two genres.

Sep 20 - William Petersen: “Every Now And Then A Guy Needs A Good Spanking”
‘CSI’ actors William Petersen and Jorja Fox answer fan questions regarding the Grissom/Sarah relationship and other pressing issues.

Sep 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Rio'
Horatio and Delko follow Marisol's killer to Brazil, where the drug lord sets his sights on Horatio's family.

Sep 19 - News Bullets
Forensic computing benefits from "the 'CSI' effect," Hollywood hits the classroom, and 'CSI:New York' gets new competition

Sep 19 - Fehr Game For ‘CSI:Miami”
Actor Brendan Fehr returns as computer hacker Dan Cooper.

Sep 19 - Childhood Dream Comes True For Zuiker
‘CSI’ Franchise creator Anthony Zuiker is writing and will executive produce a new CBS series for rapper LL Cool J, whose concert he attended as a teen.

Sep 19 - ‘CSI:Miami’ Travels Well
The ‘CSI’ spinoff ranked as the top rated show in the world goes international with a season opener shot partially in Brazil.

Sep 19 - ‘CSI’ Uncovers Two Real Corpses In One Week
The franchise known for crime scene investigation became a real life crime scene twice this week, as bodies were discovered on two locations.

Sep 15 - First 'Fannysmackin'' Plot Details Revealed
In the fourth episode of this season, the entire CSI team works to keep up with a gang of criminals with a bizarre notion of sport, that claims multiple victims.

Sep 14 - CSI: Senses Contest
Participate in this new contest organized by CSI Files and SBG to win a copy of the newest CSI board game, designed by 'CSI' creator Anthony E. Zuiker!

Sep 6 - Jorja Fox Talks About The Upcoming Season of ‘CSI’
Find out what the ‘CSI’ actress thinks of the show going up against “Grey’s Anatomy” this season and her take on Sara’s relationship with Grissom.

Sep 6 - Jorja Fox Talks About The Upcoming Season of ‘CSI’
Find out what the ‘CSI’ actress thinks of the show going up against “Grey’s Anatomy” this season and her take on Sara’s relationship with Grissom.

Sep 2 - Edward Furlong Joins ‘CSI:NY’ In A Recurring Role
The actor best known for his role in Terminator 2 makes his first appearance on the small screen. Spoilers inside!

Sep 2 - Eva La Rue Joins The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Find out what the 'CSI:Miami' star is doing to raise awareness regarding the number one killer among women’s reproductive cancers.

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