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News Headlines for July 2008

July 31 - La Rue: It Was Very Romantic
The 'Miami' star talks about her engagement.

July 31 - ‘New York’ Books Nelly
The third member of the franchise reveals some information about the upcoming fifth season. Spoilers inside!

July 29 - Rodriguez: It's Mind-Blowing
The 'Miami' actor talks about getting the role and some of Eric's big storylines.

July 28 - They 'Won't Get Fueled Again'
The second episode of 'Miami''s seventh season raises some burning questions when a man is set on fire. Major spoilers inside!

July 28 - Grissom Gets 'Intimate'
Details about Lady Heather and a sneak peek at 'CSI' season 9. Spoilers inside!

July 28 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats delve into the 'criminal gene', preying on sexual predators and a gruesome black market.

July 24 - The Son Shines In 'Miami'
Ellingson talks about joining the show.

July 23 - Spoiler Bullets
Lady Heather returns, 'Miami''s new coroner, no Malkovich for 'CSI', genetically criminal behavior, Flack's sister, Grissom will be back and a visit from the Miniature Killer. Spoilers inside!

July 23 - 'CSI' Receives Three Nods
Two members of the franchise get Emmy nominations.

July 23 - 'CSI' DVD Details Announced
The 'Without a Trace' crossover will be included.

July 18 - It's All About 'Sex, Lies and Silicone'
The fourth episode of 'New York' finds the team dealing with dangerous secrets--and sex dolls. Major spoilers inside!

July 18 - Suicide Inspired By 'CSI'
A death in New Mexico parallels an episode of the show.

July 18 - Fishburne And Malkovich Considered
'CSI' seeks to replace Grissom.

July 15 - Petersen To Leave 'CSI'
The actor will no longer be a full-time series regular. Also, find out what's in store for season nine. Spoilers inside.

July 14 - Fox Fights Cruelty
The 'CSI' actress works to 'Stop Circus Suffering'.

July 14 - This Week On 'CSI'
The CSIs deal with a dead carjacker, time travel and a serial killer.

July 11 - The Magic City Experiences A 'Resurrection'
Horatio is back in action, and Miami is turned into a war zone in the premiere of 'Miami''s seventh season. Major spoilers inside!

July 10 - Producers Sweeten The Deal
AFTRA ratifies contract, and AMPTP urges SAG to accept offer.

July 9 - 'Miami' Gets Special Treatment
Check out the contents of the latest 'CSI' Magazine.

July 7 - 'CSI' Actors Support SAG
Petersen, Helgenberger and Fox lend their voices.

July 7 - Petersen: When I Deal With It, It's All Pretend
The 'CSI' actor is present during a bomb threat at LAX.

July 6 - This Week On 'CSI'
The 'Miami' team loses a member, high tech robbers hit 'New York', and Drops is back on 'CSI'.

July 6 - Ratings Round-Up
Repeat episodes continue to do well in overall viewers.

July 5 - Writers Take On A New Frontier
'CSI' gets two new supervising producers.

July 4 - Murder Tips The 'Scales'
The Halloween episode of 'CSI' features a dead man in a cop uniform and a woman found in a dumpster. Major spoilers inside!

July 4 - More 'Criminal Minds' Are On The Way
A spin-off is in the works.

July 3 - Berman Becomes Series Regular
Cast and character changes for season nine of 'CSI'. Spoilers inside.

July 1 - SAG Contract Expires
Producers offer final deal; groups to meet Wednesday.

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