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News Headlines for July 2007

July 31 - Procter: It's Just A Search For The Truth
The 'CSI: Miami' actress talks about her character's methods and motivations--as well as her love life.

July 31 - Get 'CSI' In Your Mailbox
A magazine devoted to 'CSI' will debut this fall.

July 30 - 'CSI' Dines ' La Cart'
The second episode of season eight finds the CSIs searching for answers in the dark. Major Spoilers inside!

July 29 - Bouncing Baby Boy
Schreiber becomes a father.

July 26 - CBS Looking For Jorja Fox Replacement?
Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn says the hunt is on for a new female character -- but whether that means Sara Sidle's exit is anybody's guess.

July 24 - 'Ultimate CSI' Contest -- Part Three
CSI Files and DK Publishing are teaming up to give away 5 copies of the book 'Ultimate CSI!'

July 24 - 'CSI: New York' Adds Kerr Smith And Bess Wohl
Wohl to play lab tech, while 'Dawson's Creek' star Smith will be a forged documents expert -- and a love interest for one of the regulars! Spoilers inside!

July 24 - Rory Cochrane To Return To 'CSI: Miami'
Three years after his character Tim Speedle was killed, Cochrane will be re-visiting Miami' for several episodes. Major spoilers inside!

July 24 - Littman Talks 'CSI,' 'Miami' & 'New York'
Executive Producer reveals new spoilers for all three series; confirms again there definitely won't be a fourth 'CSI' show.

July 20 - Eva LaRue Would Like Natalie To Learn How To Shoot
And other hopes of the 'CSI: Miami' actress for next season.

July 20 - 'CSI' And 'Without A Trace' To Cross Over
William Petersen and Anthony LaPaglia to guest-star on each other's show. Plus: 'CSI: NY' to visit 'Second Life,' and a big discovery for Horatio Caine next season!

July 18 - New York Gets Personal
Sinise talks about Mac Taylor's relationships on 'CSI: New York.'

July 18 - The Next Step From Television
Zuiker talks about 'CSI: The Experience'.

July 18 - First Plot Details Revealed For 'CSI' Season Eight
The search for Sara continues in the 'CSI' premiere. Major spoilers inside!

July 16 - Zuiker Visits 'CSI: The Experience'
The creator of 'CSI' to sign autographs in Chicago.

July 13 - Things Are Not What They Seem In 'Bang, Bang, Your Debt!'
A young woman dies in a burning car, and Delko sees a ghost in the second Miami episode of the season. Major spoilers inside!

July 12 - Season Five To Hit Stores This Fall
'Miami' release date announced.

July 12 - Chicago Detectives Turn To 'CSI' Expert
'CSI' consultant tries to help solve a real homicide.

July 12 - Cochrane Is 'Right At Your Door'
The actor makes his way to Comic-Con in San Diego.

July 10 - First 'Can You Hear Me Now?' Details Revealed
Mac Taylor is back in New York, and the Statue of Liberty is stained with blood in the premiere of 'CSI: New York's fourth season. Major spoilers inside!

July 3 - Judge And Jury
Judges must learn science to keep up with increased public knowledge--and misconceptions.

July 2 - First Details Revealed For 'Miami' Premiere
In the first episode of 'CSI: Miami's sixth season, the team investigates the death of a probation officer and Horatio finds out he has a surprising link to one of their suspects. Spoilers inside!

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