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News Headlines for August 2006

Aug 31 - Interview: Hill Harper
'CSI: NY''s resident coroner-turned-CSI talks to CSI Files about the show's third season, his book tour and his latest movie ventures. Some spoilers inside!

Aug 31 - CSI Producer Seeks To Do For History What 'CSI' Did For Science
Josh Berman can now add “series creator” to his impressive list of credentials as his new show “Vanished” airs this season.

Aug 31 - CBS Reveals Premiere Details For CSI Trio
Horatio Caine goes international, Mac Taylor finds romance and Gil Grissom gets perplexed as the new season kicks off. Contains major spoilers!

Aug 31 - K-Fed To Debut Acting Skills On CSI
You’ve seen him rap. Can he act? Federline lands guest-starring role on the top rated CSI. Spoilers inside!

Aug 23 - Interview: Anthony E. Zuiker
The mastermind behind 'CSI' and its spin-offs talks to CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about his venture into the world of board games with his newest creation, 'CSI: Senses,' and reveals what's ahead for Mac Taylor & company on 'CSI: New York.' Some spoilers inside!

Aug 19 - Claire Forlani Plays Doctor
Actress Claire Forlani will join CSI:NY.

Aug 19 - CBS Takes Prime-Time To The Internet
CBS to stream prime-time shows for free.

Aug 19 - CBS Sees Summer Ratings Slide
CBS reruns are significantly down from last year.

Aug 15 - Review: CSI: Senses
CSI Files takes you inside the new 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' game and gives you a sneak preview of the new game which requires using your senses to solve six different cases penned by 'CSI' creator Anthony E. Zuiker!

Aug 14 - Interview: Rory Cochrane
CSI Files catches up with the Tim Speedle actor and finds out all about his latest movies and his return to television!

Aug 9 - Interview: Eddie Cahill
'CSI: New Yorks''s resident detective gives CSI Files the scoop about Flack's recovery, his thoughts about Flack's friendships with his colleagues, and his musings on the last season of the show and the direction it's headed in next!

Aug 3 - 'CSI: Miami' Crowned Most Popular Show On The Planet
Horatio and his gang are showing up on more television screens worldwide than any other show.

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