Shue Will Return For Season 13


Less than a day after CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s renewal announcement, CSI Files has learned exclusively that the show’s new leading lady Elisabeth Shue will return.

Shue first joined the series in this season’s fourteenth episode “Seeing Red” as Julie “Finn” Finlay, a blood spatter expert who previously worked with DB Russell (Ted Danson) in Seattle. After receiving a permanent job from Russell, the character joined the CSI team in the following episode to help fill the void left by Marg Helgenberger‘s Catherine Willows. “I will be back next season,” Shue tells CSI Files. “I’m very excited.”

It is unknown at this time how many installments Season Thirteen will feature. The show wraps production on the current season early next month and will resume production in July for the 2012-2013 season.

Shane Saunders
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  • Sammorris16

    Elisabeth Shue can NOT act. She has brought down the quality of the show.

  • KC Koloski

    I know. I wish they wouldjust kick her out like they did Lauren Lee Smith. But at least Smith could act. Everytime I think I get to see a decent scene with Nick, Sara, or Greg she pops up. SHE CAN’T ACT!!! AND you can also tell that Nick tries to get along with her but Greg and Sara just can’t stand her. The team is once again “fractured”. If they don’t kick Elizabeth Shue out NOW, ME AND MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL STOP WATCHING!!!!!!