‘Miami’ Premieres On AMC This Week


As CSI Files previously reported, the AMC network acquired rights to air CSI: Miami episodes in syndication. The crime drama premieres on AMC this Monday, January 2 at 5:00pm ET/PT with a six hour block of episodes, starting with a repeat of the season three premiere, “Lost Son”. The network posted a list featuring some AMC stars who previously appeared on Miami, including Jon Hamm (Mad Men) in “Payback” and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) in “Rio”.

For a full list of the episodes that will air on AMC in the near future, visit the official website here.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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  • walkingdeadmiamifan

    You know what – the guy who plays Shane on “The Walking Dead” (Jon Bernthal) was on an episode of Miami, too – and that’s their most popular show! (The episodes were “Vengence” & “Killer Date” in 2005). Guess it makes sense that AMC got the writes since lots of their actors were on the show LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Why does it have to premiere when Speedle dies??? Ryan can never be half the man that Speedle was!

  • Sarah burkett

    First of all ryan wolfe is his own person. He never came in to replace speedle, he needed a job & horatio gave him one. Your comparing him to speedle their two completely different people. Im glad it started off with ryan. And second if im correct if speedle had cleaned his gun he wouldve been able to shoot the person instead of being shot @. Remember when horatio told calliegh he may of had to look at his gun b4 shooting. And third i read somwhere he didnt want to be on csi miami anymore coz he didnt like the long hours on set. And btw ryan wolfe is way better looking then speedle will EEVEEERR be!!!!!!! P.S. ryan is a man! Look how long he has lasted on miami. 10 yrs +. He’s that good! Its just my opinion. I am sooooooo glad and thankful he is still on. Woohoo!!!

  • S.B.

    Ten years plus that Ryan was in Miami?? Are you sure you even got that right??? LOL!

  • Sarah burkett

    Ok so… I might have miss calculated, excuse me. Non the less ryan has lasted ALOT LONGER then speedle. Gee i wonder y……!